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In the last century, David Ogilvy said “All copywriters should spend time as door-to-door salesmen in order to truly understand the process of selling”. We think people involved in creating Internet services for business still need to have a solid grasp of the sales proposition. Even if your situation doesn’t require selling a thing. Because persuasion and moving an individual’s perspective is the key to all branding and advertising. That’s why you’ll appreciate the difference Q7’s InQubator brings to your next Internet project.

Whether you need Adwords, a banner ad produced, a web site created, hosting, a combination or all of the above, InQubator is your Web shop. We’re a division of The Q7 Group, Inc. We’ve been in operation since 1993, employing up to 40 people and growing. So we are small enough to give you the special attention you deserve, but big enough to deliver the professionalism you require. Got a business need or project that can’t seem to be filled elsewhere? Bring it to Q7’s InQubator, we can make it work. We are based in Northern Virginia and work with clients from coast to coast. Call 703-392-5200. Find out how Q7’s InQubator best meets your needs.

We Make Your Website Deliver Results.
InQubator is Where Your
Business Meets Internet Reality

— Mel Hopkins —
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Get INSTANT Credibility when you add INQUBATOR WEBSITE VIDEO to your marketing mix

Get INSTANT Credibility
When You Add Video
to your Website.

Surprisingly affordable with
quick payback on your investment!


Why does your site needs video?
To beat your competition

Get 5 times MORE RESPONSEVideo is 5 times more effective than static media in generating web response.
Source: Webmaster Techniques Streaming Media More Effective than Banners
Your competitors have video, or are about to53% of small-business owners plan to buy online video ads in the next two years.
Source: Independent Study commissioned by AT&T – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Website video causes people to act on your message52% of people who see an online video ad take action, or buy something.
Source: Online Publishers Association, Frames of Reference Study
Video breaks through to customers who are ready to buy, giving them a chance to see, hear and experience your business before calling or stepping out to make a purchase.
Inqubator Video

Starting at just $450

completely produced and ready to air – on your new or existing website. Includes turn-key production, with a professional voice over, music bed, and delivery in YouTube hosted embeddable HD! With top quality, just like you see above. That’s the best price you’ll find from a reputable company – in business since 1993 – so call us at 703-392-5200. Beat your competitors to the punch with your new website video!

Your inQubator business website will inspire confidence in your prospects. Don’t settle for less! We can work with your budget. Complete custom website packages start at just $695.

— Mel Hopkins —
Call us today. 703-392-5200

Web Design

Powerful web design can turn prospects into customers. InQubator combines distinctive, innovative web design with state-of-the-art technology. The result is a striking website that shapes the user experience and establishes your credibility.

InQubator provides Internet consulting, Web marketing strategies, design, development and programming. We begin each project by assessing your needs, objectives, budget and schedule. We talk and listen to you. We get a sense of what is just right for you. Q7’s InQubator is based in Northern Virginia, and we have clients from coast to coast. No “face time” is required thanks to the magic of email, Internet, and telephone unless you would feel more comfortable gazing into our eyes (we can email photos of those, too).

Upon completion of your assessment, we’ll give you an estimate and proposal. You will find InQubator pricing very competitive with other high quality web shops. We don’t use templates or other cheesy shortcuts like other design shops that could make your business image look less-than-credible.

Each client project is one of a kind, based on a solid plan and schedule. We create an initial rough “comp” with the look and feel of your project online, for your approval. We refine it until you love it. This outer shell is then combined with the development and implementation of the solutions required to meet your objectives.

Perhaps you need a branding or informational site, ecommerce applications, interactive media data capture, or even a combination with a secure extranet. We can do what you need us to do.

Your inQubator business website will inspire confidence in your prospects. Don’t settle for less! We can work with your budget. Complete custom website packages start at just $695.
Call us today. 703-392-5200

What our Clients say

  • … the most creative and results oriented organization I have ever worked with. Always meeting tight deadlines and going the extra step to guarantee our satisfaction… an integral part of our success…

    — Marc Cohen EVP, Sales at Evolution Digital
  • I have known Mel through professional organizations and as a customer for over 15 years. As a fellow board member, Mel was well respected by everyone. He worked hard for the good of all member companies to accomplish the most with our combined resources. I know him to be trustworthy, fair and a team player. As a customer, I know Mel to be professional, results driven, innovative and cost effective. Mel and his company provided us with strategic planning and exceptional execution while making sure I was well informed through out the process. I recommend Mel and his company with confidence that you will be satisfied with his results.

    — Troy Fitzhugh President at Blue Ridge Communications
  • I would strongly recommend Mel and Q7 to anyone looking to outsource any part of their marketing efforts. Their creative is not only very effective but it is also very afforable! The telemarketing arm of his company is the best I have ever used. The reps are professional and the results are always well above average. His associates are a pleasure to work with and they always come in on time and at budget. Q7 is an asset to any company!

    — Sharon Slotterback Business Development Manager, Comcast


If you require a reasonably-priced Internet host for your business, but don't want to deal with the technical details, and want easy-to-understand English-speaking live American support... welcome to inQubator. We having been doing this for over 10 years. We know what you need and how to help you and your business.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to post a website or web content on the Internet. A web hosting service houses your website on the Internet.

Why should a business NOT choose a cheap web hosting provider?

Because you end up on a shared server with up to thousands of other websites. Will your site be available when someone searches for you? Maybe not. Or your response may be so slow your prospect goes elsewhere. The discount providers farm out their support to places like India where you might get the chance to speak with someone that is almost understandable in standard English when you have a problem.

If you are serious about your business, choose inQubator so your business gets the performance of a dedicated server with on an enterprise-grade platform for a fraction of the cost. All of our web hosting packages include an ample amount of web storage space, data transfer, and email accounts.

Choose inQubator for your business

Your business needs a professional presence on the Internet. Starting at just $89.95 monthly with 1GB disk space including a free domain name (www.your-company.com) and 50GB quality high-speed bandwidth, inQubator affordable web hosting for small and medium-sized business allows you to have your own web server solution with 99.99% network uptime. Increase your company’s visibility, and get personalized company e-mail at your own domain name (your-name@your-company.com).

inQubator Web Hosting includes free tools to quickly set up your web site. These include a professionally designed user interfaces and user control panel. All our servers run all standard hosting applications such as Apache, SMTP, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, .NET, ASP, CGI, PERL and JAVA, POP3 & webmail.


inQubator Web Services
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Available nationwide - Based in Virginia
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If you want more business, AdWords is the way to get more prospects to see your marketing message. We focus on getting the right prospects to your website for the smallest cost - that's what successful AdWords management is all about.

Why Choose inQubator® For Your Adwords Campaign?

We have been buying direct-response media for clients since 1993. So we know more about driving sales than any other agency in the field. Our pricing is competitive. Plus, we understand target-marketing, to generate response for your unique business. You don’t need to settle for a computer geek that recently decided to be a Pay-Per-Click consultant. The direct marketing professionals that can help you grow your business are right here, at inQubator.

Inqubator Adwords Compaign

People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago,
so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.

— Brian Halligan —

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