First Impressions.

Whether you’re shopping for a new car, a new home, or new electronics, most consumers use the Internet to gain knowledge, check prices and options, and find a local company to start their shopping with. Basically, the Internet provides the consumer with their first impression of the product they are considering purchasing.

So, web presence is a must, but also web presence that is seen by potential customers. With inQubator’s local business and directory site submissions, you make sure your business is listed in the area the consumer is looking. Time is money, and consumers are using the Internet to cut down on the time wasted going from store to store, or dealership to dealership, when they can use the Internet to fine tune their search. If you website isn’t listed in the local business and directory sites, you have just lost the chance to get the consumer to your site to check what you offer versus your competitor’s.

When a consumer clicks on your listing and is taken to your site, the first impression of your site will make the difference on whether or not they continue looking at your site for the information or product they require. A website that is clean, with easy to read graphics, no formal education in Information Technology needed, will keep the interest of the consumer and allow them ease to navigate your site and find the product or service they are searching for. We provide websites that not only catch consumers attention, but are easy to navigate, easy to understand, and always provide ample means for the consumer to contact you for additional information. If it’s difficult to find things on your site, the consumer will hit the back arrow and start their search all over again.

We heard it as kids, and we should remember it as adults, keeping it simple has always been the most effective way of getting our message out to consumers. KISS, keep it simple stupid, worked prior to Mr. Gore inventing the Internet, and still works today as a means of reaching the most consumers with a clean and easy to understand, and navigate website. At inQubator, we do that and much more. Crisp clean graphics, large print, easy to understand information and direction.

Posted on August 19, 2015 in Smart marketing, website design

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