Get INSTANT Credibility when you add INQUBATOR WEBSITE VIDEO to your marketing mix

Get INSTANT Credibility
When You Add Video
to your Website.

Surprisingly affordable with
quick payback on your investment!


Why does your site needs video?
To beat your competition

Get 5 times MORE RESPONSEVideo is 5 times more effective than static media in generating web response.
Source: Webmaster Techniques Streaming Media More Effective than Banners
Your competitors have video, or are about to53% of small-business owners plan to buy online video ads in the next two years.
Source: Independent Study commissioned by AT&T – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Website video causes people to act on your message52% of people who see an online video ad take action, or buy something.
Source: Online Publishers Association, Frames of Reference Study
Video breaks through to customers who are ready to buy, giving them a chance to see, hear and experience your business before calling or stepping out to make a purchase.
Inqubator Video

Starting at just $450

completely produced and ready to air – on your new or existing website. Includes turn-key production, with a professional voice over, music bed, and delivery in YouTube hosted embeddable HD! With top quality, just like you see above. That’s the best price you’ll find from a reputable company – in business since 1993 – so call us at 703-392-5200. Beat your competitors to the punch with your new website video!

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